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5 Tips on How to Practice Self-Love

Practicing Self Care

On the month of love and significant others, we want to remind you to invest time in yourself. While we’re trying to reach health through fitness, and dietary needs we also need to look inward. Making sure we’re watering our mental garden and are upkeeping our best self. We believe that being healthy does not just include your body health but your mental health as well! This Valentine’s day give yourself the gift of self-love. It’s a process but one that’s worthwhile.

Don’t Let Negative Thoughts Foster

Sometimes we’re so focused on reaching certain goals that when we fail to meet them, we end up putting undue stress on ourselves. We’re not perfect and sometimes we will fail whether we like it or not. It’s about changing the way you perceive “failure”. Failure is just another word to try again and see where you went wrong. Adjusting your course until you find the success you’re happy with. Negativity is an addicting state of mind, don’t dwell too long there. Remember that you’re a person that deserves as much gentle care as you give those who you love.

Spend Time with People You Love

In the month of love remember to spend it with people who bring you joy whether that’s your romantic partner, friends who you cherish, or family. Laughing and enjoying your time with people who make your day a bit brighter puts you in a better disposition. Likewise, don’t spend too much time on those who bring you down or who spark no joy. Life is too short to do things you don’t like doing and too short to spend it with those you don’t like. It’s all about loving yourself enough and knowing what brings you happiness. Spending time with the people you cherish is a kindness to your soul because you’re healing and recuperating.

Don’t Get Stuck on the Numbers

When we’re trying to get healthy, we become so focused on numbers. Did I reach my weight goals? Did I eat too many calories? Is it the end of the world? No. Don’t let numbers rule your life. While it is important to have goals don’t follow them so rigidly that you can’t stop thinking about them. Sometimes you’ll go over and that’s okay. That just means you have to look at the day and ask yourself what was different? Was I stressed? Was I sad? Or was it because I was at a social event? Look at everything, not just the number. Remember you are so much more than numbers, you’re a human worthy of love no matter if you meet your goals or not.

Do Something You Love Regularly

Hobbies. These are great to have something to look forward every week. Whether it be a language course or an exercise class like kickboxing. Don’t get stuck in a monotonous cycle where you are not actively allowing yourself to grow. It doesn’t even have to a class. Instead try something as simple as reading a book or writing in a journal. Give yourself a moment where you allow yourself to forget the world exists and focus on your personal growth. While the world may be chaotic, we don’t always have control of it but we have control over how we react to it. Centering ourselves every day allows us to take care of our problems before they become too big. It’s all about gifting yourself time for self-reflection.

Have Boundaries

The world asks a lot from us sometimes and it is okay to say no. Learning how to establish boundaries and keep them is hard. We want to please everyone around at the expense of our self. The reality is that you’ll run yourself to the ground before completing every task you said yes to. Learning how to say no is both empowering and kind. It’s having enough self-awareness of what you can realistically accomplish. Emotional boundaries are important too. If someone does something that makes you uncomfortable, tell them. Communication of boundaries is key and most people are receptive to them. Keep yourself sane and safe.

It’s All About Balance

At Sola, we believe that being healthy is an overall concept in both how you feed your body, mentally and emotionally. We provide healthy alternative snacks that are low in carbs but keep the taste. Our chef-crafted low-carb bread, granola and more are perfect for those looking to change the way they eat and feel. Remember love starts with you and taking care of yourself.