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6 Low-Carb Snacks to Munch on While Watching Netflix

6 Low Carb Snacks to Munch on While Watching Netflix

As we all binge our favorite Netflix series, we want to make sure we’re staying within our low-carb lifestyles. Distracted eating is a thing, and we need to be conscious not to overdo it. To be fair, sometimes we just NEED something crunchy or sweet to take off the edge of that new plot twist we didn’t expect. We made a list of our favorite Netflix binge-worthy low-carb snacks that we can’t get enough of.

Sola Granola

When we want something sweet and crunchy, we can’t get enough of our low-carb granola. Crunchy bits packed with protein, and our new berry flavors are enough to satisfy us while we scream as our favorite characters finally get together. At 3 net carbs per snack serving, we are not too distraught of going over our macros.

Cucumber with Lime, Salt, and Tajin

If you want a minimal spicy kick in your snack cucumbers only have 4 carbs for one cup (104 g). All you need to do is pair it with lime, salt, and tajin. You’ll never go back with this deliciously low-carb snack. Perfect for any heart-racing scene, you’ll end up munching on a healthy and salty snack.

Almond Butter on Celery

If you need an almond butter vehicle you can’t go wrong with celery. Coming at 1.5 carbs packed with all the goodness it’s the perfect companion for everyone’s favorite nut butter. This will allow you to portion out your binging snacks and enjoy a fabulous, thrilling show. The best of all worlds!

Sola Nut Bars

If you need a quick pick me up as a snack and let it fill you look no further. Our Sola nut bar comes in three different flavors, and the highest net carb count is 6. Full of flavor, sweetness, and a satisfying bite, you’ll always keep your pantry stocked. Perfect for your low-carb diet, you can now enjoy your guilty pleasures.

Hard-Boiled Eggs

If you’re a bit hungrier but don’t want to waste time on a whole full-blown meal, eating a hard-boiled egg with some cold meats will hit the spot. Especially when you’re prone to mindless eating, this will allow you to feel full faster. After all, it’s all about being conscious about your state of hunger. Don’t worry, you’ll see the best part of your rom-com.


A true and tried friend. Sometimes you don’t really need a snack. What you need is to stay hydrated! Whether it be because of the heart-wrenching ending or just because you don’t drink enough water. Most of the time, when we think we’re hungry, we’re just thirsty. Make sure that you always have a glass of water nearby before going down the snack path. After all, water is just as good!


Whatever low-carb snack you decide to munch on remember Sola is always here to help. Whether it be a toast of Sola bread with some butter or a snack-size serving of our sweet Sola granola. We are determined to be your go-to brand for all things low-carb, especially during a binge marathon.

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