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6 Simple Changes That Will De-Stress Your Life

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Learning how to identify and how to deal with stress are important skills sets we should master. Stress will exhaust even the mentally strong, what matters is keeping your problems in perspective and making time to deal with any issues. Pushing them away will just make your life harder and your stress that much more prominent. Let us give you our tips on how to destress yourself from a hard day whether it be work-related, financial or personal.


This one might be overstated but it helps. If you’re having trouble sleeping, excess of jitters or just need time away from everything, exercise helps stimulate certain chemicals in your brain that will leave you happier and more relax. It’s all about letting your head focus on what’s at hand and to get rid of any excess nerves that you might have lurking. We love investing time in ourselves because the better headspace we’re in the better we can do to manage our stress.

Read a Book

If you already exercising or maybe it’s just not your thing, reading a book can help! The good thing about sitting down with a good book is that you won’t think about anything else but the story that’s in front of you. It allows the mind to have some time away from the troubles that are stressing you out. Relax and pour yourself a hot cup of tea with your favorite thriller. It’s all about balancing your needs and wants.


The reason meditation is recommended is because it helps you gain a new perspective on the situation and it relaxes the mind. Meditation helps with emptying your thoughts, better breathing and centering yourself. All of which are great techniques when stress becomes too much. Meditation is recommended during an anxiety-filled day or when you just need to regroup with yourself.


In a society where we are always glued to our phones, it’s hard not to be affected by what we constantly see in our notifications. One sure way of dealing with stress is picking a day and unplugging away from the world. Don’t touch your phone or the internet, put it away and focus on yourself. WE spend so much time worrying about others that we forget that love starts with us. Next time you feel the need to be on your phone remember: is it really that important? Or can you shut it off for a few hours.

Positive Affirmations

When we’re in the midst of stress our thoughts turn negative and we go downhill from there. Something helpful to do is five minutes of positive affirmations. It can be when you wake up to remind yourself why you’re great and deserve happiness in your life. Reiterate that you are worthy of happiness and that stress is just temporary. The day gets better if you start with a few positive words toward yourself.

Go outside

This might seem a bit obvious but sometimes we can get so caught at work or at home that we forget that there is an entire world out there! When was the last time you walked around your neighborhood just because? Stress thrives in isolation and monotonous actions. Changing things up a bit might be what you need to solve the issues currently at hand.

Learning Curve

No matter the age dealing with stress is a learning curve. We get so stuck in the stressful events that we forget to take a step back and breathe. With modern life being so hectic we hope that you can apply some of these tips to your ever day routine, but remember that you’re not alone. If you can’t seem to a handle of your stress, please contact your doctor. Self-love starts with investing in your health!