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A Guide on How to Work From Home

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Working from home is an art within itself. For some this is a new experience and sometimes it can be jarring when you switch up your 9 to 5 format from an office to sitting in front of your computer or laptop. While the transition might be welcomed by some, we wanted to make sure you had some tricks and tips to keep you focused while working from home. Whether you have a home office or just your room, here are 5 Sola approved tips.


If you need some organization in your life then making a daily routine might be crucial to you. Don’t just roll out the bed and get to work (unless that works for you). It’s sticking to the routine you were used to but just tweaking it slightly to accommodate your work from home schedule. 

Set your alarm for a comfortable time to wake up. Do your usual morning routine: brush your teeth, face, and get dressed. After that, you can have a cup of coffee/tea and some breakfast. The whole point here is to give yourself some me-time before you “go” to work. It’s all about separating your work life and your home life when you’re working from home.


This leads us to our next point, make sure you’re putting in the right amount of hours. The thing about working from home is you can work all day if you let yourself. You always want to make sure to keep a line between home life and work, burning yourself out is a thing you should be wary of while you’re at home.

Make sure to have an alarm for your lunch hour break. Make sure during the hour you can both have a nutritious meal and a breather from where your workstation is located at. Don’t eat near your work station! Make sure you‘re separating your workspaces and home spaces as much as possible.


Working from bed is something we can see ourselves doing if we’re not careful. Why should we get up if we can work from bed? This might seem fine and dandy at the beginning but you might not be as productive as you think you are. Having a separation of space between your work and relaxation is imperative. As this allows you to stick to your schedule and not overwork yourself. 

Working from home should be both beneficial and not lead to burn out. Having a desk or surface (can be your kitchen counter) allows you to separate your office and your ‘me’ time. As we get more people working from home, understanding that structure and routine is incredibly helpful for our productivity. 


We would like to remind you that just because you’re working from home does not mean you don’t need to have nutritious and dense foods. You finally have the time to make yourself a hearty breakfast! Whether it’s a traditional bacon and eggs kind of day or a delicious low-carb breakfast sandwich (Sola low-carb bread). Stay on track with a snack serving with Sola low-carb granola. As the protein-packed granola will help you stay satisfied for a longer amount of time. 

We sometimes eat more or less when we’re at home, as we don’t have visual cues to the passing of time except maybe… nighttime. Make sure you’re taking care of yourself while working from home.


This one is personal and some people are okay with wearing the same clothes they woke up with. However, if you’re someone who relies on routine to put your mind in the right headspace to work this might be an important part of your daily routine. You don’t have to change to formal clothes, it might just be changing to a different set of casual clothes such as sweatpants and t-shirts. What we’re trying to do here is differentiate the difference between “bedclothes” and work clothes. This will help with separating your work and personal space.

Some people are good at working in PJs and this step might not be necessary but if you find you need a little extra boost, this might be a beneficial step in your routine.


Working from home doesn’t have to be a routine disruption, your commute to your office now just has a lot less traffic. Remember to stay safe, wash your hands often and give yourself pep talks when needed. 

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