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Sweet Oat Bread bag front
Sweet Oat Bread bag back with nutritional table
Sweet Oat Bread bag end
Sweet Oat Bread

Sweet Oat Bread


Hearty taste. Low carb bread. A hint of sweetness. Sweet Oat Bread has just 2 g net carbs and 5 g of protein. Topped with slightly sweet rolled oats, this keto bread is oat of this world. Take a sweeter taste on your a.m. toast moment or add a hint of tasty sweetness to a sandwich—the options are endless.

  • No Added Sugar
  • 2g of Net Carbs*
  • 5g of Protein
  • 4g of Fiber
  • 70 Calories per slice 

Sola bread is made fresh every week. Bread can be stored frozen for up to 6 months. We recommend freezing shortly after receiving, and remove from the freezer as needed.

Sku: 851921006462

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