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Different Ways to Enjoy SOLA Low-Carb, Gluten-Free Granola

sola low carb keto friendly granola for the plant based lifestyle

It’s time to get your crunch on. The perfect low-carb breakfast has arrived with our deliciously sweet low-carb, keto-friendly granola. Crafted to cater to the perfect crunchy texture we all love without any of the sugars, grains, or gluten involved. Our in-house chefs made sure the savory and exquisite taste that we all know and love was kept throughout all 6 flavors without losing that crunch bite. 

Let the whole family enjoy a tasty treat. Our granola is mom- and kid-approved with the sweetness level allowing just about any child to ask for seconds, and for mom to make sure she has more than one bag in the pantry. No matter what lifestyle you’re currently in, our granola is perfect with ketogenic, low-carb, low-sugar, and vegan.

Let’s dive into these divine ingredients to better understand why SOLA granola should be a staple in your pantry.

ALMONDS, SOY CRISPS, COCONUT, SUNFLOWER SEEDS | What gives SOLA it’s unique crunch which is not usually found in its competitors, a mixture of nuts and seeds. This mixture gives SOLA the iconic crunch that sounds and tastes just like the regular, carb-filled granola. Clustered to give you the visual cue of the mouthwatering favorite but without any of the sugars. 

SOLA SWEETENER BLEND | Our blend of allulose, erythritol, monk fruit, and stevia, allows our granola to have all the enticing sweetness without any of the added sugar.  Our proprietary blend allows us to create the sweetness of sugar but without the actual calories or blood spikes. Low-glycemic, and scrumptious to boot!

You’re probably now wondering what are some appetizing ways to eat SOLA granola. You got us! Now show us the heavenly food you can make. 


Reminiscing about the time you were able to eat cereal and have no worries. But now wanting the adult version. Well, now you can eat once more the delicious milky companion without any of the sugar or carbs. Our SOLA granola at ⅔ cups will garner you 4 net carbs per bowl. Did we mention it was crunchy? Everyone’s favorite morning (or afternoon, we won’t judge) meal is here to conquer once more. Milk won’t be so lonely anymore.

Our recommendation is Strawberry Vanilla and almond milk, it reminds us of a certain cereal from long ago.


Okay, hear us out. What is greek yogurt but a lonely island without its granola? Top it with our different flavors, Vanilla Almond for a more wholesome taste or maybe Blueberry Cinnamon for more fun. Regardless, greek yogurt and low-carb granola are the perfect snack on the go. 


If you want something a little more done, and an amazing Instagram shot to boot, a smoothie bowl might be more your style. No matter what it’s made of our low-carb granola gives your bowl the extra crunch and oomph needed to upgrade any smoothie. Making it a delicious morning meal to brighten your day.


Whether you’re making low-carb banana bread or any other sweet goodness and just need that extra crisp in every bite but without going overboard on the macros, SOLA granola is perfect. No more bare sweets, our granola will make sure to elevate all your creations.


No matter the lifestyle or the macros, when you’re looking for a low-glycemic, low-sugar granola SOLA is here to help with six flavors and all delicious. Keto-friendly, and grain-free we are committed to making sure that eating isn’t hard but an easy commitment to staying healthy without giving up your favorites.