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How to Calculate Net Carbs
Total Carbs
– Dietary Fiber
– Allulose (included in Total Carbohydrates in Nutrition Facts)
– Tagatose (included in Total Sugars in Nutrition Facts)
– Sugar Alcohols
= Net Carbs*
Natural Sweeteners
How do I track my order?
A few days after your order, you’ll receive a shipment confirmation email with your unique tracking code. Once you’ve received your code, paste it into any web browser (we use google.com) and select Track Via UPS. You can follow your Sola package at that link all the way until delivery!
Why hasn’t my tracking location updated?
It’s totally normal for your tracking to go a few days without an update. Once your package arrives at your local post office, the tracking may not update until it goes out for delivery. If it’s been 10 business days and your tracking still hasn’t updated, please contact our customer care team.
Why is my tracking code inactive?
Tracking codes can take 48 hours to activate.
How long does shipping take?
It depends on the shipping chosen at check out. If your order is under $29:
Standard (5 – 7 days): $7.99
Ground (3 – 5 days): $10.00
Air (2 – 3 days): $12.50

If your order is over $29:
Standard (5 – 7 days): Free Shipping*
Ground (3 – 5 days): $4.00
Air (2 – 3 days): 9.00
(*free shipping is only for the contiguous 48 states.)

For Alaska and Hawaii, $15 for standard shipping.
Do you ship internationally?
No, we currently only ship within the 50 states.
My order was marked delivered but I didn’t receive it. What do I do?
Packages are scanned for delivery before your local mail carrier physically drops them at your home, and you may receive your order within 48 hours after your tracking has updated to “delivered.”
Please make sure to look at the surrounding areas in your porch as sometimes the delivery man might have done too much of a good job hiding it and check in with your neighbors in case they received it!
If it’s been more than 48 hours since your package was marked “”Delivered”” and you still haven’t received it, please contact our customer care team.
Where do you ship from?
We ship from our Illinois warehouse!
USPS marked my package as undeliverable. What now?
Oh no! If your package is determined to be undeliverable by USPS, it will be returned to our warehouse. Please contact our customer care team and we will issue a full refund for your order.
Do you offer expedited shipping?
Yes, we currently offer air delivery that estimates delivery time within 2-3 days.
Can I use more than one promo/gift code on the same order?
Coupon codes cannot be combined with any other offers that may be live on our site at the time that your order is placed. Always make sure to review your order summary prior to completing checkout to make sure you are snagging the best deal for your Sola stash!
Can you add the promo code to my order?
Unfortunately, we cannot retroactively apply a promo code. It is the responsibility of the customer to review their order for accuracy before completing a purchase. Promo codes are not retroactive and price adjustments will not be issued to orders placed prior to the start of any promotion.
Can I exchange an item?
We do not accept exchanges due to the perishable nature of our products.
Where is my order confirmation?
If you have not received your order confirmation a few hours after your purchase, please contact our customer care team, and they can resend the confirmation email.
I’m having trouble placing an order.
Oh noes! Keep in mind that if your billing address doesn’t match the credit card company’s records, your order won’t be placed. Please double-check the address and billing information you’ve entered and try again. If you’re still having issues please contact our customer care team and they will help you the best they can.
Can I cancel my order?
To cancel an order, please contact our customer care team as soon as possible. Due to our desire to promptly ship out customer orders, we cannot guarantee that your order can be canceled. However, we will make every effort to cancel your order provided that it has not entered the shipping process.
Can I change the shipping address for my order?
As long as the order has not shipped, we are able to make changes to the shipping address. Please contact our customer care team as soon as possible to make the appropriate changes.
My order shipped but I need to change the address.
Oh no! You should still be able to update your address on the USPS/UPS website! If your package returns to us due to an incorrect address, it will be canceled and refunded; you will be notified if this happens.
Can I change the billing address for my order?
Oops! Unfortunately, we are unable to edit the billing address once an order has been placed. Not to worry! It appears that you were able to successfully place your order. As long as your shipping address is correct, you will be able to receive your order!
Can I change the email address to my order?
Of course, please contact our customer care team and they’ll help you with the change.
Can I modify my order after I’ve placed it?
We are unable to modify an order after it has been placed. If your order has not yet shipped, we can cancel your order and allow you to place another.
I received a package, but it wasn’t my order.
We’re so sorry for the mix up with your order! Please contact our customer care team with your order number and following: the stamped initial/number on the outside of your box, and what item you did not receive. Please note that all order issues must be reported within 7 days of delivery. We’ll get YOUR order sent out asap!
I received the wrong product.
We’re so sorry for the mix up with your order! Please contact our customer care team with your order number and the stamped initial/number on the outside of your box. Please note that all order issues must be reported within 7 days of delivery. We will get back to you asap!
I’m missing item(s) in my order.
Oh no! Please contact our customer care team with your order number and a list of the missing products. Please make sure to include the stamped initial/number on the outside of your box. We will get back to you asap!
I have received an order, and one of my products came in a defective state( mold / rancid…etc). What do I do?
Oh no! Please contact our customer care team with your order number to initiate a refund or reshipment of affected products. Reports must be received within the first 7 days after delivery. Tracking information will be used to determine the date of arrival.
*Please save all packaging and products, as customer care will require pictures for confirmation.
How do I return my order?
We do not accept returns due to the perishable nature of our products.
Is Sola the one selling the products on Amazon?
Yes, we’re the ones selling!
I ordered from Amazon, how do I get in touch with you about the order?
Please reply to your order confirmation email from Amazon, or go to your order dashboard and use the contact seller button.
What methods of payment do you accept?
We accept PayPal and credit cards.
Can I use an international credit card?
No, but if you go through Paypal, this form of payment will be acceptable.
How long does it take to process a refund?
It takes around 5 – 7 days for the refund to show up in your form of payment.
When will my credit card be charged?
Your credit card will be charged at the time of the order.
Do you offer refunds?
We offer refunds if your order arrives in a defective state (mold, burnt, rancid, stale, melted…etc), or you never received your product.
I got a defective product in-store, what can I do about it?
If purchased through a grocery store, you’re able to get your money back if you return it to the grocery store you originally bought the product from.
If you are unable to please contact our customer care team and they can make it right. *Please note pictures of the products in defective state must be presented.
Do you have any store coupons?
We currently only provide print at home coupons.
Do you do any direct mail for coupons?
We have discontinued this program, and now only provide print at home coupons.
When will you be available in X store?
Getting into new stores is a slow process. We highly suggest requesting us to your local grocery store using our Grocer Request Form and/or using their website contact form!
When will you be available in X US state?
Getting into new stores is a slow process. We highly suggest requesting us to your local grocery store using our Grocer Request Form and/or using their website contact form!
What makes Sola® products low carb?
Our Sola blend is composed of naturally occurring sweeteners such as erythritol, allulose, monk fruit and stevia leaf. Using this unique combination of low glycemic sweeteners, we have developed a variety of delicious chef-crafted food without all the carbohydrates.
Are Sola products keto-friendly?
We certainly think so. However, it may depend on your personal keto diet plan you are following in your day to day life. Sola has a variety of exceptional products to help those transitioning from a high carb diet to keto. The goal is to reduce glucose spikes and insulin release to maintain your keto goal. Sola products have been tested to ensure low or no glucose and insulin release. This is why we believe Sola products are keto-friendly.
What is Allulose?
Allulose is a simple sugar that can be found in certain fruits including jackfruit, figs, and raisins, and is naturally present in small quantities in a variety of sweet foods like caramel sauce, maple syrup, and brown sugar. It’s absorbed by the body but not metabolized so it is nearly calorie-free. The FDA’s new rules for labeling means excluding it from the total and added sugars but including it for total calories and on the ingredient statement. This means subtracting it from total carbs to calculate net carbs. While we’re not allowed to change the way the fact panel reads, we will always tell you how much allulose we use when calculating our net carb counts for transparency.
Will Sola products kick me out of ketosis?
Nope! When consumed in appropriate portion sizes, our tasty products should not take you out of ketosis. Most of our products are compatible with a balanced keto meal plan, however, we all have different chemistry. Simply try one serving of the Sola product of your choice and see how your body responds. We would like to hear from you and your findings!
Does Sola contain Aspartame, Sucralose, or Saccharine?
No, Sola does not contain these artificial ingredients. We are proud to say we provide you with quality ingredients that can be found in nature.
What Sola products are gluten-free?
Many of our products are gluten-free, such as our granola, sweetener, and nut bars.
Are your products vegan/plant-based?
Our vegan/plant-based products are 3 of our bread flavors (Sweet Oat, Golden Wheat, and Deliciously Seeded). All granola flavors are vegan.
Are your products vegetarian?
Are Sola products Kosher?
Our patented Sola Sweetener blend and all granola flavors are certified OU Kosher Parve. We are working on certifying the rest of our product line as well.
Are your products diabetic-friendly? Do all Sola products have a low blood glucose response?
Yes! We have conducted third-party double-blind independent clinical studies on all Sola products to ensure we are delivering a ‘better for you’ product that does not negatively impact blood glucose. Whether you are pre-diabetic, diabetic or simply in search of removing unwanted sugar and carbohydrates from your diet, our mission is to partner with you in your journey towards a healthier lifestyle.
Will Sola work well in all recipes?
Sola sweetener bakes and browns just like sugar but there are just a few unique instances where Sola is not recommended, such as making a crispy meringue. Sola does however work great in soft meringues atop delicious baked goods like Sola lemon meringue pie.
Does Sola cause gastric distress, headaches/migraines, or nausea?
Sola Sweetener is typically well-tolerated, but as with most sugar alcohol-based sweeteners, excessive consumption may cause gastric discomfort. We recommend serving sizes which do not exceed 30-40 grams of Sola in total per day to minimize the risk of any potential effects. We haven’t had any reports of headaches or migraines with the consumption of Sola products. We recommend using Sola packets when desiring beverages that are more highly sweetened. You only need 1 Sola packet to sweeten like 2 teaspoons of sugar.
What’s the shelf life of the bread?
We recommend freezing shortly after receiving and remove from the freezer as needed. Sola bread can be stored frozen for up to 6 months.
How long should I let the Sola ice cream sit out?
It depends on your preference, but we usually recommend letting it sit out for 5 – 10 minutes or add 5 more minutes for a creamery consistency. Can’t wait? Pop it in the microwave for 10-15 seconds. Microwaves vary in strength so pop it in for 15 seconds, then another 10 to 15 seconds as needed. Some patience required!
How do I store my Sola buns?
We recommend freezing immediately upon receipt, and remove from the freezer as needed.
Where are your enzymes derived from the bread? Are they animal enzymes or vegetable enzymes?
The enzymes are vegetarian.
Why do you use Olive Pomace Oil?
Due to the unique nature of some of our ingredients olive pomace oil is used to retain the moisture and taste profile of our bread. No one likes dry bread.
How do I store the bread?
SOLA bread is made fresh every week -it will ship frozen and will defrost in transit. We highly recommend freezing after receiving and taking out as needed. Our bread frozen has a shelf life of 6 months.
Why doesn’t bread have an expiration date for online orders?
Expiration dates are not stamped on SOLA bread sold through e-commerce channels because factors vary by shipping region including time in transit, warehouse climate, delivery partner refrigeration capabilities, destination climate, and in all honesty: the time between the consumer doorstep and freezer.
Our rule of thumb is two weeks in regular temperatures, and highly suggest to freeze as soon as received.
How do I thaw my SOLA low-carb bread slices?
You can use a toaster, microwave or heat it over a pan when thawing SOLA bread.
Why do your shipments take 7 business days to the West Coast?
We try our best to ship most of our product orders the same day we receive the order, but our packages are sent from our warehouse in Illinois. The time it takes for UPS Ground to go from the Illinois warehouse to the West Coast is 7 business days.
I live in Houston. Can I pick up my order at your office?
No, our shipment warehouse is in Illinois and we do not ship any product from our corporate office in Houston.
Is your Houston location a store? Can I buy your products at this location?
No, our Houston location is a corporate office and we do not have the permits to sell food from this location. However, you can order online!
Do you offer samples?
As a small company we do not have the inventory nor the staff to send samples. We suggest buying our variety pack to be able to sample all our dry good products at a discounted price.
Where are you located?
We’re located in Houston, TX.
When will you be available in X country?
We’re currently US only. However, we are looking into expanding into new countries! If we obtain distribution in a new country we will announce via email and our social channels.
Do you have a customer care phone number?
Yes, our customer care phone line is: 1-800-277-1486. It’s only available on M-F from 9 am to 4 pm. ***Note: email is the fastest form of communication for us!***
Can you make x product?
Did we answer all your questions?
If we did, browse our products. If not, please contact us with any additional questions.