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How Sola® Products Fit into Your Business

Sola products
Are you looking for healthy alternatives to the carb-loaded snacks in the office? Or maybe find an up and coming brand that will be a hit with your employees and clientele? Sola® might just be what you’re looking for. While the other snacks are packed with processed carbohydrates that add little to no nutritional value, we pride ourselves with making a delicious product line that significantly reduces that carb and sugar intake. Sola causes a minimal-to-no glycemic spike, and we’re committed to keeping the taste that everyone loves while lowering the macros. Bread under four net carbs, gluten-free granola, low on sugar ice cream and yogurt, protein-packed nut bars and low glycemic sweetener. We are expanding into different areas of the food aisle with possible new additions.

Healthier Sweetener Alternative

sola ice cream truck People have become more aware of the dangers of refined sugars, processed carbohydrates, and artificial sweeteners. They have started to look for alternatives that have not just natural ingredients and don’t cause glycemic spikes but also taste great. Our Sola sweetener blend is comprised of sweeteners that can be found in nature such as erythritol, tagatose, monk fruit, and stevia leaf. Using our unique patent-pending sweetening blend made of a combination of low glycemic sweeteners, we have developed a variety of delicious chef-crafted food without all the carbohydrates. Even our highest net carb product is Sola yogurt coming in at only seven net carbs. Very small amounts of Maltitol is included in the blend, but it is only used to allow the tagatose to brown just like traditional sugar.

Eye-catching Packaging

sola packaging Red, bold and decisive, our packing is meant to catch the eye and incite a reaction. Sola products will stand out in any food aisle no matter the category. This Instagram-friendly food is made for the social media foodie photographer. Whether it’s a friendly picture or an ‘OMG, I love this’ post Sola products are meant for the everyday consumer.

For the Low-Carb Conscious

sola greek yogurt Low-carb is catching all over, and consumers are looking for alternatives of their favorite carb-loaded foods. Whether it be delicious low-carb granola or a low-carb bread, consumers are now really looking at the carb content of their favorite foods. We offer a wide range of low-carb products that will resonate with the modern health-conscious consumer. We have shed the net carbs but kept the taste!

It’s Sola Sweet

We’re proud to be a product line that’s low on the sugar and cuts the carbs. It’s all about moderation, and Sola products will be a hit at any business. We’re a small and nimble team looking to make a change in the food industry by making great tasting options that everyone will love but cuts out the bad stuff! Chef-crafted, great tasting foods everyone in the family will love and can enjoy.