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How to Cut Out Sugar from Your Diet

cutting out sugar

We all know by now that sugar is bad for you and it’s rampant in our grocery aisle. So many things now contain sugar that you probably haven’t thought about like salsas, bottled salad dressings, yogurts, and granola. Making changes to reduce your intake of sugar is necessary for long-term health, and it might seem daunting at first, but we have some tips that’ll help!

Lessen Your Sweet Tooth

Weaning off sugar is a mighty endeavor, and the first thing people do is stop cold turkey. Please, don’t. Start simple. Start by giving up the biggest culprit of sugary intakes such as flavored drinks, candy, and soda. Especially soda! It might seem hard at first, but eventually, you won’t crave these sugar-filled drinks. You can change to fruits and water by doing a simple cucumber lemon mint water. It’s refreshing, and it helps your need for flavored drinks.

If you love to bake or eat desserts in general, then itmight be time to switch your sugar with a low glycemic sweetener. The patent-pending Sola sweetener was formulated using sweeteners that can be found in nature such as erythritol, tagatose, monk fruit, stevia, and a small dosage of maltitol. Sola’s one of the only sweeteners that tastes EXACTLY like sugar, with 75% fewer calories and zero net carbs. With its nature derived sweeteners, you can reduce your sugar intake and still be within any low-carb style lifestyle. A win-win!

Read Labels

Always read the labels of any food you pick up. Sugar is everywhere! Another fun fact… stay away from low-fat options. Usually, low-fat options have less fat BUT more sugar. For example, a low-fat vanilla yogurt will have 16g of sugar, and a full-fat plain yogurt has only 5g of sugar. Be wary. Compare the labels of whatever you’re eating.

While reading the label be careful of sucralose, aspartame, and saccharine which are other names for artificial sweeteners. If an ingredient is at the top of the list that means it contains more of that particular ingredient and vice versa.

It’s all about being conscious of what you put inside your body.

Simple Swaps

Sometimes we just want some of our all-time comforting foods whether it be a classic pecan pie or even a scrumptious pumpkin pie. You don’t have to lose these essential dishes all you have to do is get a bit creative and do some alterations. Instead of using regular bread, you should use low-carb bread which is just as good but with fewer carbs and sugar! Use alternative sweeteners instead of table sugar.

Want your daily yogurt and granola? There are low-carb, low-sugar options for those as well such as Sola granola and Sola Greek yogurt! You can combine these delicious morning starters with eggs and bacon. It’s all about changing the way you view food and how you interact with it.

Fruits Are Your Friend

Fruits are your friend for your sweet tooth. While somefruits are notorious for their sugar content,they have more nutritional value than processed sugars. Some low-sugar fruitswould include raspberries, strawberries, blackberries, kiwis, grapefruit andavocado. These delectable delights willcurb your sweet needs without spikingyour blood sugar. The more research we do of what we are putting in our body(yes, even fruits) the more we can be aware of our body’s reactions.

A Good Decision a Day…

Keeps the doctor away. Choosing to reduce your sugar intake drastically might be daunting in this sugar filled world, but it is possible. Just remember everything takes time and eventually you won’t even miss the sugar!