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Into Yoga | Benefits of a Starting a Routine

Yoga and health benefits

Whether you’re someone who regularly works out or is just barely restarting their health journey, yoga is great avenue to explore. Yoga uses a mix of breathing techniques, exercise and meditation to improve both your mental and physical health. Many celebrities have raved about the positive impact of having a yoga routine has done for them, but are they true? Some of us in the office have fallen in love with the practice as it helps us manage our stress, helps us get moving, and is a great addition to our gym routine.

Depending on the studio you choose having a yoga studio membership will give you access to many different practices within yoga, and some cardio/weight classes as well!

Increased Flexibility

Many of the moves within the vinyasa, Iyengar, and power sequences are meant to push your flexibility and strengthen your core. Sequences that target flexibility and balance will allow your muscles to train and improve their memory. A study was done over 10 weeks on male athletes who did yoga, the results were increased flexibility and balance. It’s all about doing it on a routine that you can personally upkeep whether it be at home or at a studio.

Mental Benefits

In general, yoga tends to be a relaxing exercise. With an emphasize on controlled breathing and quiet spaces, yoga can help with anxiety and stress. There have been studies where yoga has shown to lower anxiety levels in women. At the core of yoga’s teaching is how to be in the present, listen to your body and relax the muscles where you feel the tension. Which is perfect when dealing with anxiety.

Increase Muscle Strength

As with poses that require holding it for long period of time, it helps your muscles get their work out. If you ever held a plank or even a tree pose, you feel your muscles straining to be kept in position especially when you first starting or have to do it for 1 to 2 minutes straight. Overall, it’s a great training for your muscles when paired with a gym/home workout regime.

Mindful Eating

If there is something yoga prides itself is being aware of your body and its cue. In class, they tell you that you should let your body tell you if something is too straining or if it can be pushed into a more complicated pose. It’s all about listening to your body and in the same vein, it teaches you to be mindful when you’re hungry or not hungry.

Start Your Routine

Whether you choose a studio near your house or you want to do it at home starting a yoga routine is incredibly helpful. One of our favorite online yoga classes is Yoga with Adriene Youtube channel as she walks you through a 20-minute sequence. She helps with the correct form and why she’s doing the current sequence. Best of all, it’s free!

We always recommend checking in with your doctor for any lifestyle changes as they know you best. After a nice refreshing yoga workout, make sure to grab for a snack-size portion of our protein-packed Sola granola. It’s a great way to end any routine.