The foods you want, the carbs you don’t.


The Sola Company was founded out of the pursuit of creating healthier alternatives without compromising on taste. In 2012, Chef Ryan, a low-carb chef, was on a mission to find a low-carb, low-calorie sugar replacement without the cascade of negative health effects associated with sugar and artificial sweeteners. Chef Ryan wanted a sweetener that offered the taste, texture, and culinary potential of sugar: not an easy equation.

Chef Ryan gathered what he learned from years of trial and error experiments with natural sugar substitutes, and created a new low-calorie, low-carb, low-glycemic sweetener that not only has great taste but measures cup-for-cup just like sugar: all the advantages, none of the disadvantages. The Sola sweetener was born.

At Sola, we always knew the food aisle was filled with carbohydrate and sugar-dense foods that offered no real health benefits. We locked ourselves in a room and bounced around the question, “how can we tackle this issue for the welfare of families?

The answer: use our Sola sweetener to power low-carb foods to cross the aisles as the solution for nutritious, and delicious products.

Facing this daunting task, we sought out to find Chef Ryan a partner in crime. With Pastry Chef Ashley on board, we expanded into bread, granola, ice cream, and nut bars. Fueled by culinary experts, Sola has created a line of products that can help you achieve your healthy lifestyle no matter the snack.

Finally, low-carb foods that do not taste like cardboard.


I started The Sola Company because I wanted to make a difference and help others achieve great health through better food choices using the knowledge I have gained. Using my culinary skills in low-carb cooking, I help create chef developed products, which are not only low-carb but also taste amazing.” – Chef Ryan

I believe the path to health and healing starts with the food choices we make to nourish our bodies. My previous career in nursing allows me the unique experience of applying my medical knowledge to the delicious, low-glycemic foods I create as a pastry chef. Sola is my way of continuing to practice medicine.” – Pastry Chef Ashley


Here’s the real tea: it’s not so sweet.

Evidence linking added sugar and carbohydrates to chronic conditions like obesity, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes continues to grow.1 Yet we know a majority of people struggle to keep their intake at levels that promote good health.2 With fat being blamed for the obesity epidemic for the majority of the latter half of the 20th century we saw an increase in the number of carbs and sugar that went into prepackaged food.

It wasn’t about the nutrition anymore, it was how to get fat out and still make it taste delicious. However, as you deplete foods of their fat you lose the taste AND that’s how we got into this astronomical sugar addiction.

This is the (sickeningly) sweet reality we’re currently living in.

We can change that.


We’re a people-centered brand with one directive in mind: create great tasting low-carb, low sugar products that people actually want to eat. That has been the driving force behind Sola. As we continue to grow and expand our family line, we continue to rely on you guys to tell us what you want to eat, what you want to feed your family because without you there would be no Sola.

Our in-house social media magician (she’s real!) is reading all of your comments, responding to every message, and discussing every request with our product development team.

As we grow we’re taking in all your feedback when crafting new products. Our hamburger buns would not have been possible without every single one of you who kept requesting it.

We are here to celebrate you.


At Sola, you’ll find products that are inspired by people who need them, want a simple swap or just want a healthier lifestyle for their families. We believe alternative options shouldn’t be created by stale boardrooms but by chefs who have a passion for making nourishing foods for everyone.