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New Year, New Health Goals in 2019

new year resolutions in 2019

It’s the new year and with it comes along a slew of goals that we set for ourselves for new year’s resolutions. At Sola, we believe health is a lifelong journey that is never too late to join. Being healthy isn’t just about eating nutritiously but also taking care of yourself mentally and physically. This new year, pick resolutions that match up with the life YOU want to build for yourself. Here is how we are making our goals this year and how to stay motivated along the way.

Realistic Expectations

Be realistic. Nothing is going to change overnight. Neither your health or yourself. At its core, change is a slow process but ultimately worth it. As you write down your goals for the year, remember to make them realistic to your lifestyle. If you work a demanding 8 to 5 job that tends to drain most of your energy, then putting in 3 hours at the gym will be somewhat unrealistic. Maybe start with 30 minutes of intense workout and see if it’s a reasonable expectation. Don’t get discouraged if reality ends up of short of your expectation. Just adjust as you go along.

Incremental Changes

Nothing changes overnight and neither should your entire diet or workout lifestyle. Why? Because it’s that much easier to go back to bad habits. Start with small things such as taking away all sugar filled drinks such as soda or fruit juice. Swap it for sparkling flavored water which tends to have lower sugar-content and eventually just switch to water and tea (coffee can be enjoyed too in moderation). Or switching to low-carb bread and low-carb granola rather than the regular carbohydrate-filled versions.  It’s all about knowing how much adjustment you can realistically do without going back to old habits.

Enjoyable Activities

This one goes without saying: if you don’t like to do something you won’t stick to it. Find something you’re passionate about whether it be kickboxing, rock climbing, yoga or running. Pick something you would want to do every day and actually find some fun out of it. It’s all about knowing your likes and wants before making a change. What new skill do you want to pick up? What exercise seems interesting to you? What classes are offered near you? Can I do this at home? These questions will allow you to confirm what activity you want to follow and if you will be willing to upkeep it. It’s always fun learning a new skill!

Check-in With Yourself

As you try to reach your goals, please remember to check in with yourself. No new year resolution should give you anxiety because you’re not fulfilling it. Remember it’s a journey, not a race. Remember that you are not any less worthy if you don’t reach your goal it just means that you have to adjust and examine where you are going wrong. If anything, you should be proud that you’re actively trying to change and working towards it. There many roads to a goal, and you’ll have to adapt as roadblocks emerge. Remember to love yourself in the now and not the future. You’re deserving of love NOW, not later.

Buddy System + Ask for Help

It always helps to have a friend with you. Having a built-in cheerleader and someone who understands what you’re going through is tremendously helpful. Both of you will be able to keep each other on track and encourage one another when things get tough. You can also ask for help when things become too much or confusing. It’s nice to have someone to bounce off ideas, questions, and just overall thoughts. Especially when you’re just beginning your health goals. It’s all about community.

We Believe In You

Healthy habits is a lifelong journey and a fulfilling one. As grocery stores continue to carry carbohydrate-filled foods, we will try our best to be a healthy alternative that you can rely on and trust. It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out or you have been doing this for years, we believe in you. May your new year be filled with pleasant surprises and positivity.