Our Story

Motivated by a personal journey to lose weight, improve wellness, yet continue to eat the delicious meals he loves, Dr. Bosarge, a leader in regenerative medical research, co-founded The Sola® Company with Chef Ryan Turner, a culinary expert in low-carbohydrate diets, in 2012.

Tasked with finding a healthy sugar replacement that would be indistinguishable from sugar, after two years of development Chef Ryan hit upon a blend of ingredients that, when combined, taste, bake, caramelize, and measure just like sugar. Sola® Sweetener became available to consumers in November 2016. Early clinical studies show Sola® Sweetener helps control insulin levels by suppressing the amount of fructose and glucose in the bloodstream.

The Sola® company is launching an entire range of exciting low-carb, low glycemic, delicious food products including yogurt, ice cream, bread, granola, nut bars and our patent pending sweetener. To find out more about our products please click here, and use our store finder to see if our Sola® products are near you.