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Variety Pack

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Variety Pack


Aspire to try out SOLA® products in one go? Our low-carb, low-glycemic, keto-friendly variety packs contain SOLA breads, allowing you to taste everything before you commit. These better-for-you foods contain fewer carbs and sugar than their regular counterparts. A healthy alternative the whole family can enjoy.

SOLA® variety packs contain items in the following combinations:


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3 reviews for Variety Pack

  1. Sophia

    When you are craving a hotdog but want a bun with it and you find Sola buns.. you are in heaven.. The buttery soft texture of this bun.. is everything..
    I was so excited to eat a hotdog that day with my sugar-free ketchup a pickle mustard and my beef hotdog… The best feeling knowing that my carb intake is so low & guiltlessly can enjoy a nice soft bun.

  2. Sophia Askew

    My husband was grilling the other night and I was so excited because I could now enjoy your actual hamburger with a bun and not using lettuce as a substitute. When I bit into the hamburger excitement just came over me… To feel deprived of an actual hamburger has been my irritant.( lol) . but now eating Sola brand hamburger buns; I can now enjoy an actual hamburger like everyone else in my family and not feel deprived or upset as they enjoy theirs. (True story !!)

  3. Brittany

    I had a string craving for a Philly cheesesteak & the hotdog bun was PERFECT for it. It’s sturdy and doesn’t taste weird. I buttered the inside & toasted it in a pan on the stove. Literally gave me so much pleasure with every bite. Also love the sliced bread for sandwiches. Warm up a slice & spread some pb&j with sugar free jelly for a little snack. Delicious!!

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Weight 32 oz
Dimensions 9 × 9 × 4 in

Double Chocolate, Maple Pecan Chocolate, Vanilla Almond, * ALL STAR *, Low Carb Starter Pack, Low Carb Golden Wheat Starter Pack, Low Carb Sweet Oat Starter Pack, Amazon Variety Pack (Vanilla Granola, Golden Wheat Loaf, Sweet Oat Loaf), Amazon Variety Pack (Chocolate Granola, Golden Wheat Loaf, Sweet Oat Loaf), Amazon Variety Pack (Maple Pecan Choc Granola, Golden Wheat Loaf, Sweet Oat Loaf)

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