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Honey Nut Granola (Pack of 6)
Honey Nut Granola (Pack of 6)
Honey Nut Granola (Pack of 6)

Honey Nut Granola (Pack of 6)


Honey and nut is a long-time perfect pairing, especially when it comes to keto granola. A little bit savory with a hint of sweetness, this flavor takes our better-for-you, gluten free, low carb granola to the next level. It’s lower in sugar and offers just 5g or less of net carbs per bowl serving.

  • 50% Less Sugar than the average granola
  • 4g of Net Carbs*
  • 16g of Protein
  • Gluten-Free

Sku: 10810210030069

Product info

Honey Nut Granola (Pack of 6)

Product weight

63.0 oz
Nutritional info

Ingredients spotlight

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What makes Sola® products low carb?

Our Sola blend is composed of naturally occurring sweeteners such as erythritol, allulose, monk fruit and stevia leaf. Using this unique combination of low glycemic sweeteners, we have developed a variety of delicious chef-crafted food without all the carbohydrates.

Are Sola products keto friendly?

We certainly think so. However, it may depend on your personal keto diet plan you are following in your day to day life. Sola has a variety of exceptional products to help those transitioning from a high carb diet to keto. The goal is to reduce glucose spikes and insulin release to maintain your keto goal. Sola products have been tested to ensure low or no glucose and insulin release. This is why we believe Sola products are keto-friendly.

Does Sola contain Aspartame, Sucralose, or Saccharine?

No, Sola does not contain these artificial ingredients. We are proud to say we provide you with quality ingredients that can be found in nature.

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