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SOLA Adds Bagels to Their Low-Carbohydrate Line Up.

SOLA Adds Bagels to Their Low Carbohydrate Line Up

The SOLA company announced today they would be expanding their low-carb products offering with their newest product: low-carb, keto-friendly bagels. Highly requested, SOLA wanted to make sure they kept their signature taste and their low-carb standard. 

SOLA bagels were crafted to keep the chewy, fluffiness and soft texture that we all love of bagels, and keeping them within the 6g net carb count per WHOLE bagel. You won’t find added sugar in any of our bread offerings, bagels are the same.

“Making bagels was only a matter of time. We wanted to make sure the end product was up to SOLA standards. It’s all about making foods people actually want to eat, and we’re proud to make bagels that keep the signature SOLA is known for: taste. With only 6g net carbs per whole bagel, we can’t wait to see the disruption in the marketplace.”

Mike Servie, President of SOLA

Deep Dive into SOLA Bagels

Whether you like your bagel topped with sweet, savory, or plain you’ll enjoy every bite with SOLA bagels. Crafted by chefs passionate about delicious low-carb foods, SOLA bagels contain 6g net carbs, 18g of protein, and no added sugar. We have made a keto-friendly, low-carb bagel that keeps the taste you know and love but with low-carb in mind.


Our SOLA plain bagel comes in at 6g net carbs for the whole bagel. Meanwhile, our SOLA everything bagel comes in at 7g net carbs with the addition of the topping. Both of these flavors will keep you delighted whether you’re saying good morning or good afternoon. Perfect for a savory sandwich or a quick breakfast option for the family. No one will notice the difference between SOLA bagels and your everyday carb-loaded, sugar-filled bagel.

High protein

Packed with 18g of protein in every bagel, you’ll be left satiated without a desire for seconds. Making sure that you’re full and ready to take on the day. No weird aftertaste found here, you won’t be able to tell the difference.

No added sugar

We do not like sugar, so we made sure that all our breads contain no added sugar. SOLA bagels have no added sugar, and are made with care to make sure there are no glycemic spikes when eating our products. Delicious, nutritious, and making your favorites part of your daily routine again.  

Sola bagels will be available only at and will be sold for $8.95 for a 4-pack. 

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