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SOLA® Launches Low-Carb Hot Dog Buns

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The Sola company, the food brand committed to bringing more low-carb options to the grocery store, has announced they will be expanding their delicious low-carb, keto-friendly product line to include this highly requested product. Complimenting their best sellers, Sola bread and hamburger buns, the long-awaited Sola hot dog buns have finally arrived.

Sola bread is known for it’s soft, and fluffy texture unlike other low-carb bread that tend to lose most of their bread-like characteristics. Sola is proud to include hot dog buns as part of their bread offerings as one of the most highly coveted requests received for the expansion of their bread line. Similar to their bread, Sola low-carb hot dog buns are 6 net carbs, packed with 12g of protein and delivers on flavor.

Mike Servie, the president of the Sola company, has this to say on the launch, “Launching hot dog buns wasn’t a matter of if but when. Our community has always been vocal with us, and we encourage it as it helps us understand what they’re looking for. Adding low-carb hot dog buns just means they don’t have to miss out on their favorite foods when they’re with family or trying to introduce friends into the low-carb lifestyle. Sola truly is a brand that is centered around eating with those you love and how we can make it easier. We’re proud of that.”

Deep Dive into Sola Buns

Sola buns are crafted with the same formula you know and love from the Sola bread. Keeping the same softness and bounce as regular bread while shedding the carbs! With rich protein and high on taste, Sola buns allow you to have your favorites again.

  • *6 net carbs
  • *12g of protein
  • Per hot dog bun

Sola buns will be available only at and will be sold for $5.99 for a 4-pack.

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About The Sola Company, LLC:The SOLA company is leading the low-carb revolution that’s sweeping the U.S. Crafted by chefs focused on providing delicious and nutritious foods for everyday people who are looking for simple low-carb swaps. Committed to innovating the way we eat low-carb, SOLA continues to add new products such as the June 2019 launch of Sola low-carb buns. The SOLA Company launched in 2017 and is headquartered in Houston, TX