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SOLA®’s Beloved Low-Carb Bread Goes National with Amazon Launch

solas beloved low carb bread goes national with amazon launch

HOUSTON, TX September 20, 2018 – The Sola Company, maker of the better-for-you foods product line that specializes in healthy alternatives, announced today their Sola low-carb bread line is going national with an Amazon launch of all 3 available flavors.

“Excited to bring Sola bread to market! Finally, and long overdue is a bread that is low in net carbs and tastes awesome,” said Mike Servie, President of the Sola company. “We have tested other breads perceived as healthy, but actually cause huge glucose and insulin spikes. All Sola products are 3rd party tested for great taste, low net carbs and low or no glucose and insulin release.”

Sugar has permeated many food products in the grocery store. Evidence has continued to come out linking added sugar and carbohydrates to chronic conditions like obesity, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes[1]. Organizations like the American Cancer Society recognized the importance of addressing this dilemma by taking efforts to educate patients about diet choices that minimize intake of harmful ingredients like added sugar, without eliminating taste[2]. The Sola company has been at the forefront in promoting customer awareness of the sugars added to different products.

Sola low-carb bread contains 4 grams or less net carbs, and 30% less sugar than regular bread. Made with diabetics in mind, Sola bread causes minimal glycemic response without losing the moist, flavorful taste of bread that we know and love.

The Sola company Has been pioneering conscious eating since it’s inception in 2012. With a product line that provides better-for-you alternatives compared to the sugar and carbohydrate-load foods, Sola has carved the way to easier healthier living. Sola bread will now be available to a national audience following their other low-carb products such as Sola nut bars, granola, and sweetener.

Building on the momentum, Sola has also released a variety pack that includes all their low-carb products with two different flavors loaves of Sola bread, three Sola nuts bars and one pouch of Sola granola.

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About The Sola Company, LLC:

The Sola Company is a privately held company headquartered in Houston, Texas. Motivated by a personal journey to lose weight, improve wellness, yet continue to eat the delicious meals he loves, Dr. Bosarge, a leader in regenerative medical research, co-founded The Sola Company with Chef Ryan Turner, a culinary expert in low-carbohydrate diets, in 2012.


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