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SOLA®’s Low-Carb Bread Comes to Texas with H-E-B

sola low carb bread go to HEB

HOUSTON, TX, JANUARY 13,2020 – The Sola company announced that their highly-requested low-carb bread is finally coming to Texas with H-E-B picking it up for their stores. The partnership further cements Sola’s core values of bringing healthy alternatives into more grocery stores. With its home state now in the mix, Sola is proud to be able to provide more low-carb products to 140 H-E-B stores.

The president of SOLA, Mike Servie, had this to say, “We had many Texans request Sola bread and are happy to finally be able to supply it to our home state. We’re happy the low-carb lifestyle is starting to be seen as the healthy alternative to the traditionally high carb, sugar-filled foods in the grocery store.”

Sola low-carb bread will be available in the commercial bread with the other regular bread. H-E-B has picked up Sweet & Buttery, Sweet Oat, Deliciously Seeded, and Golden Wheat. Flavor availability will depend on a per store basis, we recommend calling ahead for the desired flavor. The bread will be on shelves by mid-February 2020.

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About The Sola Company, LLC: The SOLA company is leading the low-carb revolution that’s sweeping the U.S. Crafted by chefs focused on providing delicious and nutritious foods for everyday people who are looking for simple low-carb swaps. SOLA low-carb bread is consistently Amazon’s #1 seller in the frozen bread category, and number one seller in its eComm store which launched in January 2019. Committed to innovating the way we eat low-carb, SOLA continues to add new products such as the June 2019 launch of Sola low-carb buns. The SOLA Company launched in 2017 and is headquartered in Houston, TX.