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Us vs Them: How We Compared Against the Grocery Aisle

Us vs Them How We Compared Against the Grocery Aisle berries

Being compared to other brands is something that can’t be helped. How are your macros? How do you taste? Is it cardboard? We get it. Once a fashionable low-carb product has burned you, there is no desire anymore to experiment with other brands. Sola low-carb products were crafted by chefs who believed food should be an experience and not just something that you have to power through. With our products you’ll find that we stand by the term chef-crafted, we are passionate about making good food that you will want to share with your family.

We tried to choose comparable foods and the lowest carb count mass-market product. As we were walking around the grocery store, we noticed there aren’t good low-carb products. They’re either not so low-carb or don’t taste so good. Look at how we compared against the grocery aisle.

Strawberry Vanilla Sola Granola Vs. Red Berries Cereal

Our Strawberry Vanilla granola flavor can be compared to a certain Red Berry flavored cereal. We compared their bowl serving size and immediately realized that we had a higher density in size AND so much more protein! Usually, protein content (as well as fat) will keep you full longer and won’t make you go for that extra serving. Coming in at six net carbs we can’t help but feel a bit proud of our low carb count AND good tasting granola.

Sweet & Buttery Sola Bread vs. 100% Whole Grain Sugar-Free Bread

Giving up bread is hard. As in a lot of people don’t want to give up bread and that’s why they think they could never go low carb. Well, here we compared Sola bread against the lowest carb mass-market grocery store bread. The thing with a lot of these low-carb loaves of bread from big brands is that while their total carb count is low, they don’t really put any fiber and therefore tend to have a high net carb count.

There are currently lower carb breads out in the market (internet only), but none of them have that bread taste. They’re flavorless or worse… they taste like cardboard. At three net carbs per slice and packed with flavor, Sola bread stands out against all others.

Sola Hamburger Buns vs. White Hamburger Buns

Finding an excellent bun to match with your delicious hamburger is a hard task. Almost all the options are either high carb or have a weird non-bread texture. Sola buns are here to make all your burger dreams come true. At six net carbs per bun compared to the 26 net carbs for a less dense burger bun, there is no competition. Especially when our buns are packed with protein to make sure that you won’t be running for seconds (although we wouldn’t judge they’re that good).

Low-Carb Products with No Cardboard in Sight

You must agree, we stack against competitors in both nutrition and taste. We have two outstanding chefs who work day and night to craft the best products possible. There are no stale boardrooms in our products, just passion for deliciously nutritious food.

When you’re looking for low-carb options at the grocery stores, remember that your store is selling what they think would sell best. If you don’t see our products in a store near you, request us! The more grocery stores are aware that there is a low-carb product customers want. The more likely they are to either reach out to us or remember us during the highly coveted sales meeting.

Find a store near you that carries our products. Make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for any new updates!