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Which Retailers are Sola Products in?

which retailer has sola products

Sola is all about enhancing the low-carb lifestyle with some of your all-time favorites like granola and bread. As the carbohydrate problem rises, Sola is taking an active stand against filling our products with sugar and carbs by creating healthy alternatives that taste good and leave you feeling good. As a small company we are trying to get into more stores, but it’s a slow process by nature. We try our best to get into big box stores but we just don’t have the brand recognition for them to take a chance on us. However, due to our loyal customers and dedicated fan base we have had much success. Thank you.

If you’re here you’re probably asking okay SOLA where do I find your products? We might not be in all locations of a store we mention here, we might just in certain regions that the store has allowed to test trial our products before allowing us to be in ALL their stores.

Here are the following retailers who carry our products: Kroger, H-E-B, Safeway (North Cali & Southwest), Albertsons (Southwest), Harris Teeter, Hy-Vee, Meijer, Food City, Food Lion, Costco (Southeast Division), Sendik’s Food Market, Fairway, Rouses Market, Ingles, Price Chopper, Acme, Lowe’s Food, and Publix.

SOLA bread near me?

The best way to find what store near you carries what product is to use our store finder. It is updated with scan data and will tell you exactly what product is in a store near you as sometimes only certain flavors are in certain locations or are missing one or two products unlike a store a few blocks away.

Do you see your store and can’t find it when you go in? Please make sure to contact our customer care team as we can look into this issue and make sure that all stores are carrying our products as they should. Don’t forget to to mention it to the store manager.

Wait, Where’s My Retailer?

Does your retailer not carry any Sola products? That’s okay! You can help get more of our better-for-you products into your favorite store by requesting it. All you have to do is fill out our product request form, print it out, and give it to your local store manager. The more people show interest in our products the more likely we can get into different stores.

Our dream is to be available everywhere, but we need YOUR help. We’re trying our best, but with you, as our advocate, we can accomplish so much more. Low-carb and low-sugar products should be for everyone, but first, let’s make it available to everyone.

Nationally our products are available through Amazon or our online store.