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Why Cooking with Your Kids Can be Beneficial

cooking with your kids

Some of our fondest memories start in the kitchen, whether it’s helping grandma with sweet treats like baking cookies or helping dad grill the pork. Children, no matter the age, will always carry the memories of cooking with their parents and grandparents. And it’s not just good memories but essential life skills that they will need as they grow older. Here are some reasons why it’s beneficial to cook with the kids in your life.

It Teaches Trial and Error

trail and error

When anyone starts cooking, interesting results can happen. Like an apple pie that tastes like lemon because someone confused lemon juice with lemon extract… well, at least the crust was flaky! It’s mistakes like these and doing a recipe more than once that allows us to make a recipe better the next time. Eventually, we are even able to modify the recipe to tailor it more to our taste. This lesson is invaluable as it teaches children that working hard creates results.

Nutrition and Health

nutrition and health

Now is the perfect time to start talking about nutrition and health with your child. As you’re cooking and creating different meals, you’re creating an opportunity that makes the conversation of what we put in our bodies that much more powerful. Talking about the benefits of some vegetables and making them taste delicious allows children to see healthy eating in action and are able to appreciate the hard work that goes into creating foods that are healthy and nutritious for the family.

Picky Eaters No More

picky eaters no more

While it might not eliminate your picky eater entirely, allowing kids to be part of the cooking process grants them a view into different flavors and helps them try new foods they otherwise wouldn’t have. Having them taste-test new creations will be easier because they made it. Kids that are more engaged in making their own food are more willing to try new things for the simple fact that it’s their own creation. This gives the adults in the room a bit more breathing room when introducing them to new foods or incorporating old ones.

Essential Life Skills

Essential life skills

The most obvious reason is it teaches an essential life skill. We will all at some point need to cook for ourselves, and the earlier start we get the better and more nutritious our college days will be. It’s all about making the young ones in our life have the proper life skills that will allow them to flourish. Cooking whether it’s for pleasure or necessity is a form of stress relief and nurtures the soul.

Science and Math

science and math

There are some chemical reactions that will forever amaze us. The primary one being how yeast allows bread to rise or how vinegar/ lime stops certain foods like avocado from turning brown too quickly. Little things that help us understand the world around us. Another pro-cooking point is that it teaches kids some math. What’s bigger ½ cup or ¼ cup? What will happen if you put something on 400 F instead of 450 F. It allows kids to apply abstract concepts into real-world situations.

Kid-Friendly Recipes

Start with simple recipes where the margin error isn’t as bad and it allows both of you to have fun without that much of a mess. One of our recommendations would these adorable Strawberry Santas that can be made with any age group. Learning how to make whipped filling and letting it chill will give the children a little taste of baking harder dishes that need certain fillings to be chilled before use. Cooking with your kids isn’t only for bonding but teaching them the intricacies and simplicity of life. We all have to break some eggs before learn