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How Products Get into a Grocery Store

How Products Get into a Grocery Store

We all know that one product that we absolutely love that we wished would be in our grocery store. We all get a little miffed when it’s not readily available. But why are certain products online only when they’re such a beloved staple in our pantry? Well, we are here to answer the question as to how a product gets into a grocery store and what you can do to help!

As with any new company not many stores are to fired up to bring in new products from start ups that are less than two years old. How will they know they will sell? This is where the consumer steps in!

The Process

Every category in the grocery store such as bread, ice cream, granola, etc. have different buyers. These buyers are the gatekeepers to new products entering the shelf. They have one period (sometimes two) out of the year to pick new products to enter their shelves. They are the deciders and overall arbiters of the decision.

For example, Store A only allows bread reviews to happen every March. If a company launches in April, they have to wait until next March of the following year to obtain a meeting to get their bread considered for the next quarter. That’s why sometimes it takes over a year or two for a new brand to get into a grocery near you.

How Can I Help?

You’re probably asking: okay Sola I get it. How do I help? That’s easy. Request us from your local grocery store! Stores are always listening to what their customers want. They want to know. The more request they get, the more likely we are to get stocked. It means when we are going into a meeting, they know who Sola is and all we have to do is seal the deal with an A+ presentation.

  1. Use Your Grocery Stores Online Contact Us Form.

Every store website has a contact us form, and it’s a great avenue to send in your product request form. All you need to do is ask for what product you’re wanting to see in their store. Such as: Dear Store A, I would love to see Sola low-carb bread in your store. Here’s the website (!

These types of messages then get sent to the appropriate buyer and they evaluate whether we would be a good fit for them or not. Hopefully, it ends up being a call to our sales rep!

If you’re feeling a bit more proactive, another great way to get a store’s attention is to flood them with product requests. We have created a Sola product request form in which you can choose what products you want (with their UPC code which is important for the store) and the ability to print it!

After printing the form turn it in to your store manager. If they get a substantial amount, they will forward them or inquire about our products with their corporate office.

  • Tag Your Grocery Store on Our Social Posts Requesting Them to Carry It.

Another simple way is to tag (@) your favorite store on our social media posts that contain your favorite Sola product. It allows their team to view our brand and hopefully forward the name internally.

The Waiting Period

Of course, things won’t change overnight but it will help us get our name out there into different stores. We wouldn’t be here without our community and we’re extremely thankful that many of you have requested us to many different stores. Food Lion is one of the stores that got so many requests to carry our bread that they will start selling it by the end of October.

Us getting into stores is because of all you. Helping us and cheering us on. We hope to be able to provide our products in all stores but as everything is a slow process.

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