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You have to bite it to believe it. Fantastically flavorful, SOLA’s keto-friendly, low-carb bagels maintain the fluffy, chewy texture you love. Brighten up your morning with a low-carb bagel and your favorite topping.

  • 7g or less Net Carbs*
  • 18g or more of Protein*
  • No Added Sugar
  • High Protein

❢ SOLA bread is made fresh every week. We recommend freezing immediately upon receipt, and remove from the freezer as needed.

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17 reviews for Bagels

  1. Shannon

    I just received the plain and everything bagels that I ordered. Opened the plain bagels first popped one in the toaster and holy deliciousness Batman!! Enjoying it and typing between bites. Definitely buying more asap to stock up. I don’t taste a difference. This bagel I’d delicious and soft. Sola, your company has hit the nail on the head and thank you so much for producing a low carb bagel that doesn’t taste like a box. Now a cheddar bagel would make my dreams come true guys.

  2. Misty Thackeray

    Love the bagels. Great customer service

  3. Nancy kauhaihao

    Love it

  4. Nancy kauhaihao

    Love it

  5. Pam

    Recently received my bagels. I ordered Plain for me and the Everything for my daughter. We can’t say enough good things about these bagels. They are large, very soft with GREAT taste. We can’t tell the difference from the ones we use to buy. Sola, you did it! I’m grateful to have found this item. The only suggestions we have are two: give us two more in a pack like most companies (6), even if they have to be smaller and second, offer us cinnamon raisin in addition to your other choices.
    I see that my local Walmart sells the bread but can’t keep it on the shelf. I drive over town just to find some. I am waiting for them to start selling the bagels now.
    Making another today!

  6. Dave F.

    Absolutely a game changer on the keto lifestyle! This is indistinguishable from normal bagels and bread. Try the, you won’t go back to regular!

  7. Ralph Wessel

    We eat them all of the time. So much better than regular bagels without the high carbs.

  8. Whitney

    I love the sliced bread and bagels. I recently had a defective order regarding my bagels and the customer services was awesome with their response.

  9. Jessie

    Love these when I tried them from my family, but I joined your mailing list to get my own and never received an email notifying it was in stock, I checked my spam and when I try to join again it says I’ve already joined the mailing list

  10. Angela T

    I ordered the blueberry and chocolate chip bagels and sweet and buttery. Can you guys believe a regular Thomas bagel is 50 carbs for just 1 bagel and sola is only 6 with the same great taste if not better?? I have diabetes and I have to limit my intake of carbs. This has made me feel I can have a more livable life without the excessive carbs. I love their slice bread as well.

  11. Kat

    Discovered the sweet and buttery bread at local grocery store- fabulous. The next week, they had the burger buns, which are excellent. Went to the website, and when I saw bagels- I measured the available freezer space and ordered. Twice. These are some of the best bagels I have eaten. Yes, that good! Can’t wait to try some other flavors. Blueberry is calling my name. The low carb is nice,too-lol… but all about the flavor. 5*

  12. Mona Dunn

    The best bagel I have ever had. Finally since I’m a diabetic, i can enjoy a bagel without having to worry my sugar level rising.

  13. June Gregonis

    I love your sweet and buttery bread (my store never has on shelf so I order from you), plain bagels wonderful…waiting on the blueberry, just adore the terrific dinner rolls!! Now, PLEASE just make a Sola croissant…I w promise to keep you in business with my orders!! Love that I do not have to cheat on my Keto diet for bread. Thank you!

  14. Diana Hodnett

    The best bagels I’ve ever eaten

  15. Cindy Moon

    I normally am not that fond of bagels, they’re too doughy. I thought I would give SOLA bagels a try because I love sesame seeds. I toasted and buttered it and it made my day.

  16. Dana McIntyre

    On my third order. Absolutely love the everything bagels. The sliced bread makes a perfect grilled cheese. I’ve been doing keto for 15 years and tried every brand of keto bread out there. This is BY FAR the best I’ve tasted. Bravo!

  17. Kim Brunko

    The sweet and buttery and blueberry bagels are wonderful. Just found bread at my local store. Will order bagels regularly. Now how about a cinnamon bagel!!

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Weight 12 oz
Dimensions 8 × 5 × 3.5 in

Plain, Everything, Sesame, Blu-berry, Chocolatey Chip, Sweet & Buttery

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